Cicada, like the name suggests, is Naalam’s own interpretation of the viral scavenger hunt which had the internet at its command for quite some time. Cicada is a deadly combination of fun and mystery. This is the time to grab your Sherlock pipe and embark on a journey of a lifetime as Team Naalam brings you a similar experience in that cyber theme. People of all ages can participate in teams of 2 membership and have a fantastic experience. All gadgets are allowed during the hunt. So what are you waiting for? Have an intriguing experience of a lifetime by registering now.

Prizes worth: Rs. 5K


1. The teams must comprise of 2 members.
2. The decision of the Hunt Co-Ordinator would be final.
3. It is a time trail, hence only the fastest among you would move forward.
4. Each team must have at least one smart phone with active internet connection and WhatsApp number to participate.
5. Violence during the hunt towards other teams or anyone is prohibited and will lead to disqualification.
6. Destruction/Vandalism of university property under the guise of the event is not allowed.
7. Spot registration is also allowed.
8. All kinds of gadgets are allowed to be used.

Rishita: 9381231709


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