Comfort rarely brings profit. So are you ready to tread on an uncomfortable journey and reap the soaring benefits?

NAALAM’s Stock Market is a place for the risk-takers out there.

     You start with a fixed initial amount and the goal is to maximize your gains.

It is a real-time simulation of the stock market, complete with all its nerve-wracking, nail-biting challenges.

       So the economics enthusiasts out there, grab this golden opportunity and showcase your investment and trading skills!

Prizes worth: Rs. 5.5K


a) Each team shall consist of 2 participants.

b) The event is a simulation of a stock market, where participants would have to invest in shares of various companies.

c) Each team would be given a virtual amount to invest in the shares of the given companies.  However, each team must diversify and invest in a minimum number of sectors and stocks which shall be specified at the time of the event.

d) The entire event would be divided into two rounds. At the end of the first round, each team will be required to make changes to their portfolio the extent to which will be specified at the time of the event.

e) The top three teams with the highest net value at the end of the two rounds will be the winners (subject to number of team)

f) The organizers have the power to intimate new rules and procedures at the time of the event.

Praneeth: 7036233377


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