Nietzsche opines that “Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice should not enter the heat of the debate.” Here though, icicles and sparks collide and glaciers may kill the fire, you never know what happens in PB grounds. 


Point blank is NAALAM’s elite debating event, well known for its engaging intensity. Half a PD, with tweeks is what we present. 


A good argument comprises soundness and clarity; a good debater is one who can substantiate their argument and hold their ground against an army of rebuttals. Debating is this intense ritual, a ritual that requires guts, a mouth and half a brain. Fire fighters, fellow debaters, this is a call to join us with your nicest armour. Prepare for the fun and fury!


Registration Fee: Rs. 300/Team


Prizes Worth: Rs. 7K


1. A team should consist of two members.
2. There are three eliminating rounds- Preliminary, Semi-final and Final.
3. Motions for each round shall be announced 15 minutes prior to the round.
4. The Speaker 1 shall speak for four minutes and Speaker 2 for three minutes.
5. The sides of the motion shall be assigned to the teams on the basis of lots.
6. The order of speeches would be as follows: Speaker 1 from the team going for the motion followed by Speaker 1 from the team going against the motion. Speaker 2 of each team goes in the same order.
7. Speaker 2 of each team shall identify the clash-points of the constructive speeches and thereon provide reasons as to why the team has outshined the other.
8. Speaker 2 must not include new points in their speech, however, may extend the constructives made by Speaker 1 of the respective teams.
9. Speaker 1 from the team going against the motion must not blatantly rebut the Speaker 1 for the team going for the motion.

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