Mr. and Ms. NAALAM

Do you think you're worth this prestigious title? Prove it to us! Charm us with your charisma, attitude and wit and you'll surely be a super hit! Taking a joke isn't as easy as making one but we'll need you to do both for fun. 


Make sure we love your personality and we'll give you the title gladly! We think Harvey Spectre is cool, show us that you are too. Do you think your charm could match Shashi Tharoor's? Then this event is just for you!


Prizes worth: Rs. 12K


1.  Participants must be 18+.

2. Language used must be English.

3. Upon registration, the participant shall receive an e-mail regarding rules, rounds and judgement criteria.

4. The final round shall only entertain 6 contestants.

5. Nothing dangerous or hazardous to health shall be entertained on stage.

6. Excessive obscenity and vulgarity shall lead to disqualification.

7. The judges’ words are final. No appeal shall lie to any court.


DISCLAIMER - This event is not for the faint hearted or the easily triggered...or it may be. Who knows?

Sagar Roshan:7907788193


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