Street plays can be about anything under the sky. You can tell a story through it, make a political statement using satire, or even ignite entire revolutions. 


Naatak aims at bringing together artists who don't need the luxury of a stage to express their idea and engage the audience.


In today's world of low attention spans, if your play is capable of making busy humans stop and spare some time to watch your story, your art has power. It will also bring with it the satisfaction of leaving behind an awestruck audience, which would make you want to do it again.


We here at NAALAM offer you a street with a hungry crowd if you have a story to tell that's worth watching.


Come celebrate the power of art with us!


Registration Fee: Rs. 400/Team

Prizes worth: Rs. 20K



1. The act can be in any language (preferably English or Malayalam).


2. Any number of students from a given institution may participate. Minimum number of participants 

in a team must be 8. A participant cannot be part of more than one team in the event.


3. Participants of the performing team must be a student of a college or school with valid affiliation and must produce their ID card or a bonafide to substantiate the same. Participation in the event won't be allowed without NAALAM ID and College ID. 


4.The time limit for the act is 12 minutes. (10+2 for stage setting). Points will be deducted for exceeding time limit.


5. Profanity and vulgarity of any form is strictly prohibited and may result in the disqualification of the team.


6. Any kind of style with regard to the narrative is allowed.


7. Parameters for assessment would be:

a) Theme -10 marks

b) Presentation - 10 marks 

c) Usage of space -10 marks

d) Creativity - 10 marks 

e) Team coordination- 10 marks


8. The Competition will be conducted on an open space and hence no microphones, speakers, music systems will be allowed or available.


9. Teams using any props / costume  musical instruments must bring all their requirements and must be ready well in time as per instructions of the organizer. No props or costume or any other material will be provided by the organizers. The organising committee will not responsible for safety or care of props.


10. Any kind of fluid, live animals, flame, heavy object or any material which has possibility of causing damage is not allowed.


11. No time or place for rehearsal or stage practice will be given during the fest.


12. Stage Specification: Open ground with no electrical assistance.


13. Decision of Judges will be final and binding on all teams.


14. In case of any discrepancy decision of organising committee will be final.

Kavya: 9895355921


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