Mimicry, the age-old performance art returns to the Naalam stage with great pomp. This rich art form is in your hands now. Make history, for this is your moment. Showcase your versatility and enchant the crowd. 


May the best impression win!

Prizes worth: Rs. 3.5K


1.The act can be in any language.
2.The time limit is 6 minutes.The duration of the act must be maximum 6 minutes including setting up the stage.
3.Any number of students from the same institution can participate.
4.Mimicry will be a solo event
5.Profanity and vulgarity are unwelcome and will be punished with disqualification
6.The contestant can use any style with regard to narration and voice modulation
7.Valuation will be done on the basis of quality of the performance and not quantity
8.Judges decision will be final and binding on all
9.Participants must be a student of a college with valid affiliation and must produce their ID card or a Bonafide to substantiate the same. Participation in the event won'tbe allowed without NAALAM ID and College ID.

Adarsh: 8921363986


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