Mike Singletary was once asked about his favorite part of the game is. He answered, ‘the opportunity to play’.

When you are an athlete, there is a lot more than just winning. It is about the drive that pushes you to the win, the work you put into the game, the confidence you built apiece and the camaraderie you have with your team.

NAALAM 2020 invites you to Liberos to play and discover the athlete in you.

Liberos is a platform for you to show your inner athlete whether you are a newcomer or an experienced one because who knows, you might be the one to snatch some exciting prizes on the way.

Let yourself meet the athlete in you!

Registration Fee: Rs. 100/Head

Prizes worth: Rs. 10K


1.  There will be two halves of 6 minutes and 7 minutes each.
2. The teams shall consist of a maximum of 5 players out of which 3 will be playing and two of the team members will be substitutes. Rolling substitutions will be allowed.
3. The players may use the sides of the boundary. But if the ball goes over the sides the opposition team will get kick in.
4. Players are not allowed to remain in the box near their own goal posts permanently and must move out as soon as ball is outside the box.
5. In case of a violation the referee may award a penalty, a free kick from Post to Post. (empty goal post)
6. If the ball is defended inside the box then a penalty will be awarded
7. Decision of the organizers are final and binding in case of any discrepancies.

*College ID or Bonafide need to be produced at the time of the event.

Adithya Lal-8113949767


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