Kevin Durant once said, “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work”.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come, show your talent, throw the ball through the hoop at NAALAM 2020. We provide you a platform to come hustle and make some noise by playing one of the most thrilling sports, basketball.

Show the world your dribbles and slam dunks and win some exciting prizes in the process!

So come, kings of the court, join this knockout! 

Registration Fee: Rs. 400/Team

Prizes worth: Rs. 10K 


Roster: 4 players (3 on the court + 1 substitute)

Jersey: Players shall wear jerseys clearly showing their jersey number. (For the purpose of scoring)

Game Duration: 1 x 10 mins playing time (In case of scores tied after regulation, first
team to score two points wins the game). However, the first team which scores 21
points or more wins the game if it happens before the end of regular playing time.

Scoring: 1 point and 2 points, if scored from behind the Arc
Initial Possession: Coin flip. The team that wins the coin flip decides whether it takes
the ball or leaves it, in order to get it in a potential overtime

Shot Clock: 12 seconds

Team Fouls limit per team: 6 team fouls
Team fouls 7,8 and 9, two free throws will be awarded.
Team fouls 10+, two free throws and ball possession.

Possession following a successful goal: A player from a non-scoring team shall
resume the game by dribbling or passing the ball from inside the court directly
underneath the basket (not from behind the end line) to a place on the court behind the
Following a dead ball: Check ball exchange behind the arc (at the top)
Following a defensive rebound or steal: Balls to be dribbled/passed behind the arc.

Substitutions: In dead ball situations, prior to the check ball the substitute can enter
the game after his teammate steps off the court and establishes a physical contact with
him behind the end line opposite the basket. Substitutions require no action from the
referees or table officials.

*Knockout format.
*Official FIBA Basketball Rules apply for all game situations not specifically
mentioned above.
*The Referee’s decision shall be final.

*College ID or Bonafide need to be produced at the time of the event.


Rachel: 9072211447

Amiya: 8921137384


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