Judgement Writing

Though our Supreme Court’s judgments may not always look the part, judicial pronouncements are supposed to be clear, lucid, and authoritative. Hearing both sides, identifying issues, deciding which principle applies, and what the outcome is  — being a good judge isn’t easy. Do you have the writing skills, conceptual clarity, and temperament to be a good judge? Find out at NAALAM, during the Judgment Writing Competition!


Registration Fee: Rs. 200

Prizes worth: Rs. 1750






1. Judgment Writing is an online event.


2. Each entry may be written individually or co- authored. Maximum 2 persons can co- author a judgment.


3. The entries must be madr in M S  Word format, with font style Times New Roman, font size 12 along witb 1.5 line spacing.


4. 20th Bluebook edition must be followed.


5. The word limit of each entry shall be 3500 words including citation.


6. The case study will be made available on NAALAM Social media platforms and other online platforms. It would be also sent to participants upon registration.


7. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM on 22nd February, 2020.


8. All entries shall be submitted to archanapremdinesh@gmail.com. The subject of the email must be "Submission- Participant Code- JW20".


9. Entries will be evaluated on the basis of knowledge of law, language, format, style of writing and usage of legal principles.


10. No delayed submissions/entries are entertained.


Archana: 9207957542


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