Always making witty comments in the sidelines? This is your chance to do it in the spotlight.

Do people say you talk too much? Show us that you really do! NAALAM provides you with an opportunity to speak non-stop for sixty seconds. But beware, your opponents may pounce on you at any moment but you shouldn't care!

We, at NAALAM, always try to bring our touch to established events. So we bring to you a moderated colloquium session where your comprehension skills and logic will be tested based on a 'reader'.


JAM 2020 is going to be bigger and better than ever before and promises to leave you with a head brimming with knowledge!


Prizes Worth: Rs. 3K



The event will consist of two compulsory rounds –Impromptu and Moderated Colloquium

Round 1: Impromptu speaking for one minute on the topic given on the spot with a logical flow without repetition of any words or pauses. The one who completes the entire One minute will be declared the winner of the round. During the course of the event, on an account of repetition or pauses, the other participants should point out the errors by tapping the bench, at which point the mic passes to the next person and the ones who speak the longest without repetition and pauses will be declared the winner. In case of no speaker completing the entire one minute, points will be awarded at the discretion of the judges for pointing out the errors. There will be a tie-breaker in the case of a tie between two participants which will follow the same rules.

Round 2:  Moderated colloquium - The round shall be headed by a moderator. You will be handed  ‘readers’ and after a brief break, you will have to speak for one minute on the reader. It will be followed by a group discussion on the same.  Points will be awarded for the one-minute speech as well as participation in the group discussion. The consolidated points from both the rounds will be taken into account in the adjudication of the winners.

The decision of the JAM  Master shall be final, no  questions or arguments will be entertained once the final decision has been made.

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Fatima Thansiha: 9567851044


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