An explosion in stillness. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Great images can give a voice to unique perspectives and extraordinary thoughts. NAALAM provides a platform for creative photographers to capture a moment that bursts within rigidity – chaos held in tranquillity.

Let your picture do the talking.

Registration Fee: Rs. 100/Entry

Prizes worth: Rs. 8K


1. Submissions have to be made online via email to with the subject line as “Iris: DSLR/Mobile Photography”
2. Each submission should be made along with a title, name of the photographer, location of
photograph and Instagram handle of the photographer (if any).
3. All entries should stick to the respective themes:
Mobile Photography: Travel
DSLR Photography: People in daily walks of life
4. The last date for submission is 15th February, 2020. Late submissions will not be accepted under any circumstances.
5. Submissions should be made in JPEG format only. Photographs submitted should not be larger than 15MB in size.
6. Each applicant can send upto 3 photographs.
7. All submissions must contain the original EXIF Meta data information.
10. The Organizing Committee reserves the right for publication of the photographs.
11. The photographs shall be uploaded on the Iris Instagram Page. Top 10 submissions based on the amount of likes/ reactions they receive will be shortlisted for further judgement. The judging panel will determine the best photograph from each category.
12. Any use of fraudulent means will automatically lead to disqualification.
13. The decision of the judges as well as that of the Organizing Committee for any matters relating to the competition will be final.
* College ID or bonafide certificate needs to produced at the time of the event.

Image Format:
1. Images should be in JPEG Format only.
2. The minimum resolution of the pictures must be 3 Mega Pixels.
3. The total file size must be less than 30 MB
4. The EXIF data of the photograph must remain intact
5. Photographs must not have any borders, signatures, names, personal logos or

6. Post processing of the pictures are allowed, but changes like modifications to
background will lead to disqualification. However, the original image should be submitted
along with the post processed photograph.
7. The participants may use any device to capture the image.

Hari Govind Menon – 95440 64762
Alisha V.R – 87148 19779


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