Ingmar Bergman once said, "No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly into our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls."


Films are a great way to tell a story, or to share an experience. They are the fruits of the hard work, vision, and passion of the director. NAALAM provides a platform for all film-makers to showcase their work, and to scream out what they are capable of. 

Registration Fee: Rs. 200/Entry

Prizes worth: Rs. 15K


1. All entries must be sent to
2. Your short film must not exceed 30 minutes. Time limit should be strictly adhered to.
3. Entries must be the original works of the entrants and must not infringe third party rights.
4. Movies screened during last year’s NAALAM are not allowed.
5. If your short film has already been released on any social media platform, it must not be
more than a year old.
6. You may use any camera to shoot the montage.
7. Your movie may be in any language, provided there are subtitles attached to it.
8. Obscenity of any kind is not allowed and may lead to disqualification.
9. Avoid photo slideshows, spoofs or advertisements.
10. The Organizing Committee shall not be liable for any postal delay, damage or loss. So it
advised that the entries should be sent well before the deadline.
11. Plagiarism is not allowed. However, soundtrack may be borrowed but with due credits.
12. The decisions of the judges and Organizing Committee shall be final and binding.

*College id or bonafide certificate needs to be produced at the time of event.

Hari Govind Menon – 95440 64762
Alisha V.R – 87148 19779


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