Fourth Wall is an event that is exclusive to those attending NAALAM. Capture the moments of NAALAM that stand out, as a photograph or as a video, and send it to within two days after the fest. A theme to inspire you and stimulate your creativity will be provided to you, and then it's you, your camera, and your mind.

Registration Fee: Rs. 100/Entry

Prizes worth: Rs. 5K


1. This is an individual event and is open to anyone attending NAALAM.
2. Entries with offensive or inappropriate content or those which promote any specific brand will be disqualified.
3. The photo/video submitted must be the genuine, original work of the participant.
4. The photographs/videos have to be taken during the fest. No old entries will be accepted for the contest.
5. Any device can be used to capture the photo.
6. The copyrights of the videos will stay with the photographer. However, the right to use the same for NAALAM remains with the Organizing Committee.
7. Entries once submitted cannot be taken back for modifications under any circumstance.
8. Requests for extending the deadline will not be entertained at any cost.
9. The judges’ decision is final.
10. The judges and the Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel or vary the position awarded in case of any discrepancies.
11. All submissions must be made through the given email id ( by 5:00pm on 24th Feb,2020.


Please read the Aftermovie specifications carefully and adhere to the same to avoid
1. The movie should not exceed a maximum time limit of 2 mins.
2. The video should be in MPEG4 or AVI format.
3. The preferred aspect ratio is 16:9.
4. Use of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.
5. The partial use of copyrighted music is however allowed if done after giving due credits to the creator.
6. The video will be judged on the basis of the mood it creates, music used and the quality of the imagery.
7. Any camera can be used for filming the video.

Hari Govind Menon – 95440 64762
Alisha V.R – 87148 19779


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