Quizzers of the world, your time is now!

The opportunity to experience the adrenaline rush before you answer the question in your area of expertise is before you once again!


Come February, we present to you the 13th edition of our stellar quiz - BODHI '20, conducted by quiz whiz, Major Chandrakant Nair, in collaboration with the NUALS Quiz Club and NAALAM '20.

It guarantees the ignition of the spark of curiosity that lies within all of you quiz enthusiasts! Come be a part of BODHI '20, quench your thirst for knowledge and showcase your burning desire to conquer!


Registration Fee: Rs. 150/Team

Prizes Worth: Rs. 18K


1. Participation from Standard 9 without an upper age limit. 

2. Participants - A maximum of three members being the limit, singles and couples are permitted too.

(Each unit is considered a team - the lowest constitution being 1) 

3. There are 2 rounds - Prelims followed by the finals. 8 teams qualify to the finals.

4. Valid ID to be produced. 

5. Rules and format will be announced on the day of the event. 

6. All decisions taken by Major(the quiz master) will be final and binding.

7. All varieties of cross college and cross school teams are allowed.

Mahati: 9600127412

Pragya: 9205136442


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