Acting is not about being someone different. It's finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there."

— Meryl Streep


Do you have a passion for action? Does the thought of standing on stage and acting your heart out, with all eyes fixed on you, fill you with an alluring trepidation? NAALAM's Action Replay is the perfect setting for you to showcase your talents. Ready, set, act!

Prizes worth: Rs. 8K


1. The language used will be malayalam but it will be flexible according to the non-
malayali registrations.
2. It is a solo event: No cap on number of participants per institution.
3.There will be three rounds on the day of the event*
4. After screening, 20-25 participants will be selected to the next round***.
5. The rounds will consist of acting an existing movie sequence and a situation round.
6. Participants will be marked based on spontaneity, acting and stage presence.
7.The decision of the judges and the OC shall be final and binding.
8. Any display of obscenity or vulgarity may warrant disqualification(But The OC is not The Indian Censor Board).
9. Spot registrations are permitted**.

*Subject to the number of registrations, an online preliminary round may be
conducted prior to the event.
**Spot registrations will depend on the number of participants registering online prior to the event.
***If the number of registration increases, the screening will be online before the day of the event.


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